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WHAT IF: By conditioning electrical sources, brain-fog and eyestrain was a thing of the past?  What if fluorescent lights no longer bothered you?  What if you felt as much energy after working on a computer, as when you started?

New Earth Energetics (NE2) software empowers you to make instant changes in your environment by conditioning, transforming, and harmonizing the raw-chaotic electromagnetic fields that surround you.

This is accomplished by applying NE2  Software to any electrical device and electrical field flowing around you. NE2 Software can be delivered to you via the Internet, installs quickly, and will not interfere with any of your current software or equipment. By placing NE2 Software on your computer, you can feel the benefits of this product in less than 10 minutes.
With a variety of software packages to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us to change the way you think about energy and experience your environment. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-499-2771.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you can find everything you need here on our site to condition the electrical sources in your environment. Find out more...

New Earth Energetics is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction with your new software experience - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Wireless Solutions are HERE!

We understand the need for a product to work on all the wireless signals and cell phones in all environments. We have developed a new product line called "Nourishing Destiny" that includes 3 new products for the extra discerning client.

Feedback from our clients tell us that they now feel relief using the new Nourishing Destiny product line that includes the following wireless items:

      ~ Cell phones
      ~ Cordless home phones
      ~ Earphones like Bluetooth
      ~ Tablets such as iPads/ MP3 players

and wireless signals that come from our computer equipment that we call WiFi... and more!

The Nourishing Destiny product line operates from the basic personal computer and is reported from our client feedback to help with the wireless signals directly within a 250 foot area of the computer.  

Our Home and Business Products work on your computer to condition the electrical lines of your home or business when your computer is plugged into the electrical outlet.  The Products for the home and business have a different focus and are still very useful.

Please note, we are happy to report to you what our clients are telling us though we do not  claim any medical or physical health benefits from our products.Our products only condition the electrical sign wave as described on our technical handout. If you would like a copy of this technical handout, please contact us: 1-888-449-1890.
OUR GUARANTEE: Here at New Earth Energetics, we believe that satisfaction should be guaranteed and updates should be free. Please check out the details on our money back guarantee.
Ask us how you can "minimize your carbon footprint"  with our products!

MISSION:Providing software solutions that change the way we think about energy and experience our environment
We believe that the planet Earth needs help and that conditioning electrical lines may be a step towards
- one PEACE at a time.

We hope to see you again! Here what we are saying about our new BABY!! - check out our new updates on our website. COME BACK SOON!!
There is so much more to come!
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